IT Services

Let’s cut to the chase. Our highly qualified engineers are experienced at network architectures, high availability, infrastructure optimization, SharePoint, disaster recovery, cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), and security, storage and network resource management. We proud to provide the highly recommended IT Managed Services to our customers across the globe.

Managed IT Services

We simply provide peace of mind to your day to day IT issues. Podium Catchers delivers a fully managed IT services which guaranteed to increase your company's efficiency while reducing IT operations costs. Our managed IT services can be include with hardware and software as a service too. Our XaaS solutions will cut down your capital expenditure to save you more money and time.

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Cloud Services

Podium Catchers offers fully manage XaaS cloud computing services to help your organization run more cost effectively and efficiently. We are managing our customer workloads in Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud platform, SoftLayer, CenturyLink, VMware Air, HP Cloud, RaskSpace, Rackforce, IBM BlueMix,, and many other providers.
We expert on Hybrid Cloud, Private and Public Cloud implementations. We have an excelent experience with Microsoft System Center, Citrix Cloud Platform, VMware Cloud Automation, OpenStack, CloudStack.

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IT Consulting

Podium Catchers specialize in providing effective, efficient IT consulting services. We combine extensive experience with technological capabilities, to ensure that we offer our clients the very best solutions for their needs and requirements.

We can help you to achieve innovative solutions, which will save your business money, and yours team time. It can help you to service your clients better, or streamline business processes to make them more effective. We can help you to ensure that your technological investments work best, where it really counts for your business.

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