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We are a Cloud Agnostic, UI/UX, Cloud-Native First Company

At Podium Catchers, we specialize in a full range user experience. Our approach creates a digital experience that is intuitive and optimized across web, tablet and mobile devices. We offer everything from Enterprise UX to Development. We are here to help!

Cloud Architects Expert

In a world focused on standardization and templates, our newest brand Cloud Architects believe in celebrating uniqueness. Whether you are deploying a disaster recovery solution, expand existing on-premise workloads, make your services more performant for end-user demands, or overcoming a roadblock from your cloud operations, Cloud Architects Expert can help with your business goals.

About Us

by providing the best IT solutions

We can take care of every element of your IT requirements, by providing efficient IT support and proactive IT management. Whether it is for your on-premise Private Cloud, your Public Cloud such as Azure, Amazon AWS, SoftLayer, CenturyLink Cloud, VMware VCloud Air, Google Cloud Platform, HP Cloud, RackSpace, Rackforce, IBM BlueMix or even a Hybrid Cloud, allowing your organization to focus on your company mission without worrying about anything else.

Services We Offer

Our Services

Cloud has become a commodity in today’s modern business world. We have risen as experts in our field to provide cloud native solutions that improve customer experiences, engagement and overall costs. 



Our team of User Interface engineers and User Experience designers focus on maximizing usability and the users experience. Our design team focus’s on the newest trends to help your business stand above.


Fractional CTO

A Chief Technology Officer is a crucial resource frequently used throughout the workforce. This multi-faceted and highly experienced individual is responsible for creating strategic direction of technology throughout the company, at a fraction of the cost.


Software Development

Scalable, Secure and User friendly! We are experienced, intuitive developers who can engineer, integrate and redesign any website or application to meet your company and industry requirements.


Cloud Migration

Worried about moving all your servers, emails and sensitive data to the clouds? Let our certified cloud experts do it for you. Whether you are using Office365 or Google Apps, we can migrate your data, servers and emails to your cloud seamlessly. As a result, your business can continue to run undisturbed.


Cloud Innovation

Our Innovators leverage cloud to create new products and services, as well as incorporate new channels or payment options into your business models. This enables us to leverage skills available throughout your systems to develop new operating capabilities that shift industry economics to your favor.


Consulting Services

Our Innovators leverage cloud to create new products or services, as well as merge new channels or payment options into your business. This enables us to leverage skills available throughout your systems to develop new operating capabilities that shift industry economics in your favor.

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Podium Catchers

Podium Catchers is a professional IT company that specializes in Software Development, UI/UX design, AI and Machine Learning, Cloud migration, Managed IT Services, IT Consulting, Cloud Services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS), and IT Strategy. We offer these services to businesses and non-profit organizations across Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to provide high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. Whether you are looking to develop custom software, optimize your user experience, implement AI and machine learning solutions, or migrate to the cloud, Podium Catchers is here to help.

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